We would like to thank the following for their generous contributions:
The Scottish Government Small Grants Scheme
Institutions/Donors/Charitable Trusts/Societies/Groups
The Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust
HDH Wills 1965 Charitable Trust
The Cumberland Trust
Joseph Fattorini Charitable Trust
The Tula Trust
The Coles-Medlock Trust
G & H Roberts Community Trust
The John & Mary Elliot Memorial Trust
The Christabella Charitable Trust
The John Wates Charitable Trust
The Ward Family Charitable Trust
Purley Overseas Trust
Claremont Trust
Crown Terrace Methodist Church, Aberdeen
The St. Mary's Charity
C.B. & H.H. Taylor 1984 Trust
The Sandford Trust
Open Gate
The Edith Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust
The Noel Buxton Trust
Allison Greenlees Continuation Fund
The Edward Vinson Charitable Trust
The William Leech Charity
The Haramead Trust
The Onaway Trust
The Isle of Man Overseas Aid Committee
The Rotary Club, Westhill Aberdeen
The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust 
The Marr-Munning Trust
The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation
Agricultural Anhydrous Ammonia Ltd. 
The Aberdeen Danish Society
The McLagan Trust
The staff of the Macaulay Institute
Tarves Church Guild
The Kinneff Reelers
Staff of B.P. Aberdeen
Dr. Xue Bin Chen
Prof. Ian Cunningham
Prof. Bob Orskov
Mr. Ninian Stuart
Mr. James Suttie
Dr. John Robinson
Prof. John Milne
R & T Scott
Ms. G. Meldgaard
Mr. K. & Mrs. I. Page
Major B. and Mrs. L. Strachan
Jorgen Orskov and family
E. Robertson
Dr. Iain Wright
Prof. T.J. and Mrs. C. P. Maxwell
Prof. Li Viet Ly
Dr. Bob Mayes
Mr. Gary Fraser
Miss Anne Begg MP
Dr. Anne Pearson
Mr. John Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Herbert
Mr. Alan Smith and Mrs. Zena Smith
Ms. Julia Fisher
Dr. Marc Stutter
Mr. & Mrs. P. Hart
Mr. Colin Tudge