Information about Gift Aid

From 6 April 2000, new tax laws have made it simpler for charities to reclaim tax on your gifts.

The £50 Gift Aid minimum has been abolished - so we can now reclaim tax on all gifts from donors, irrespective of size, or frequency of donation once the donor makes a declaration.

Click the giftaid logo to make a declaration now.

You can only make a Gift Aid declaration if you are a UK taxpayer.

If you make a regular gift but it is not covered under a deed of covenant but do pay tax in the U.K.

we can now reclaim that tax paid from 6th April 2000, once we receive a completed Gift Aid declaration from you.

If you pay tax at the higher rate of 40% you may be able to claim further tax relief on donations you make to us.

You can give a declaration

  • In advance of your donation

  • At the time of your donation, or

  • After your donation